Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Clearly there is a whole world of underground artists and music out there in cyberland waiting in the wings wanting their share of "15 minutes of fame (Andy Warhol)" and the following link proves it :)

Check out the above link and see what I mean :) Now have discovered a new world of music I have never heard of before and artists wating to make it big. I am now hooked on "Hope Partlow" and "Who we are" and "Sick Inside"

Maybe a future Bodypump Artist waiting to be placed on one of Michaels release.

Hopefully :)

Let them know what you like!


Remember that classic from release 53 :) Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. Just love that track :) The best ever track 6 ever IMO :)

Here is the video feed of Big and Rich doing "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" It is on Stripped Raw and Real :)

Yeahha Ridem Cowboy :)

Totally unplugged :)

Save a Horse....... should I say the rest :) lol :)


Full Bio of Teddy can be found at:

Teddy is taking on the world of music. Teddy is 16 years old and has his first EP called "Step Ladder"

For You I will is a great track it is from his soon to be released CD "Underaged Thinking" He has had previous work called "Step Ladder:

© Creed 2004


Try Too Hard - Hallelujah - Confidence - Look Where We Are Now - Love Is a Marathon - A Million Years

Underaged Thinking will be released February 14, 2006 :)

For the time being enjoy his EP and his touring and last summer with Hillary Duff.

He has a message board at:

Hear his music at:

For those who want more of Teddy:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Jacob Hoggard was in Canadian Idol Series 3. He was voted out of Canadian Idol by his fan base. Which is a strange thing to do. He had ideas of his own and wanted to do something outside of the "Idol" thing.

Well Jacob was asked by a group Heldey to front them. Now he is a member of Hedley.

Hedley are: Dave Rosin , Tom MacDonald , Chris Crippin and Jacob Hoggard.

They have a debut CD called " Heldey" "On my Own" is their first single out.

© 2005 Universal Music Canada


1. Villian 2. On My Own 3. Trip 4. Streetfight 5. 321 6. Gunnin' 7. Sink or Swim 8. Johnny Falls 9. Saturday 10. Sugar Free 11. I Don't Believe It

Hedley have a huge forum at:

I may be a member there :)

Enjoy Hedley :)

Monday, November 28, 2005


I would have to say that this is one classic track 1's of all time. I remember the song from somewhere have no idea where from. Lots of awesome music in this release. I love track ones that I know nothing about the artists. It is the same with "Da Buzz" from the 40's series of Bodypump. If the track is not known then that adds some sort of excitement about the release and sets the tone for the rest of the class. This time Mike has chosen a ease into track which is always a good one to start off with. Gives a false sense of security to the class, we know that this is the rule to the exception.

Love the driving beats of this release brings the pulse rate up for the release. The whole release is a standout release, since it is summer where I am from the feel of this release is Summer 05/06 friendly and has a celebration feel to the release. I am so glad to see Tina Cousins back with the lunge track I got hooked on her on release 31 and also in the 30's series of Bodypump. Glad to also see a Bonus track as well. I like releases that are a good sing along. This one is sing along user-friendly. Which is awesome from a release, people identify with the tracks. I identified with Tina's track because of the original song by Black which I own and is one of my favorite singles of all time. Black deserved more recognition in the music industry when he was around. I love his music lots. Love seeing Eurythmics "Annie Lennox" in Bodypump she rocks I love the music of the Eurythmics lots.

Glad to see C & C Music factory as well. I like their music lots have a few pieces of music by Freedom Williams and Zelma Davies. The video for that song was awesome. "Everybody Dance Now" :)

Spoke to a few instructors at the Masterclass this 1/4 about this release and they love release 56 of Bodypump. I have to agree Bodypump 56 is a classic release and Mike has done an outstanding job in this release :)

Love Your Work pumpfrog :) AKA as Michael J McSweeney :)


Had a song in your head that has not been sung by anyone ever and the music and lyric is original content. I think I should be recording them onto a tape. Thats what has been happening latley. The songs are country and western. I love country and western music but to only think of music and lyric to country songs and not Bodypump or Bodybalance type music is so very different to the music I present here.

Maybe there is a career in singing country music in the future?



Mobile are:

Mat Joly - vocalsChristian "Criq" Brais - guitarsFrank Williamson - guitarsDominic Viola - bassPierre-Marc Hamelin - drums.

Montreal Calling is at 20 on the charts right now. On their site you can hear sample of their music. If you visit their site at: you can read up on the guys in the band :)

© 2005 Universal Canada/Interscope

Mini EP Promo Tracklistings:

  1. Tomorrow Starts Today
  2. See Right Through Me
  3. Bleeding Words
  4. Montreal Calling

Hopefully they will release a CD in 2006 :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Direct from Quebec Canada are Mentake who have their debut CD out now.

They are: Jonathan Nathaniel: Lead Vocals, Rhythm GuitarsJonathan Tremblay: Lead Guitars, Background VocalsMark Valois: Bass, KeyboardsJet: Drums.

There it goes and Moving on are their cd's first hits.

© 2005 Universal Canada


There it Goes - Spin Me Around - Moving On - Living For this Moment- Answers and Prayers - If Only - Where He Belongs- Leave MeTomorrow’s - Just Today - Take Me As I Am- Till I Find You - She Completes Me - Sunday Morning.

I am contantly amazed about the talent that comes out of Canada if you get a chance please visit their site above and listen to their music.

Mentake is going to rock 2006 in the rest of the world.


Will has a new CD called "Keep On" the single from this CD is out now. This is his 3rd CD for Sony BMG. His others went all the way to number 1.

Keep On is the current track from the CD.



01 Keep On (1st single out.) 02 Switch It On 03 All Time Love 04 Ain't Such A Bad Place To Be 05 Think It Over 06 Who Am I 07 Happiness 08 Save Yourself 09 Madness 10 All I Want 11 Think About It 12 Home.

I have listened to track 1 and it is one of Wills best singles. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Suppergrass are :

Gaz Coombes Danny Goffey Mick Quinn Rob Coombes complete bio at:

They formed in 1994 their latest CD is Road to Rouen which is top 10 in Hawaii at the current moment. Suppergrass is not know really outside College Radio Stations and their music is not really heard on radio much.

If you want music that has real instruments played by real musicians then this is it. Their music is strange to some people you have to enter their music on their terms. If you are willing to do that then the music is accessible. I am not saying that it is everyones cup of tea but I like their gear and have done so for such a long time.


Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6) - St. Petersburg - Sad Girl - Roxy - Coffee In The Pot - Road To Rouen - Kick In The Teeth - Low C - Fin

If you like "Super Fury Animals" :) then Supergrass are a cool act to like :)


Just heard the latest offering from Slinkee Minx called "Someday" the guys were featured on Bodypump 54 with "Summer Rain" if you have the chance please listen to it :)


Well after 11 years off the Road Gary Barlow and the guys of Take That will be touring next year.

Robbie Williams has been invited to join them. Gary says that "There will always be a spare microphone for Robbie of he wants to join them"

Gary has not let the grass grow under his feet having penned material for the likes of Delta Goodrem, H & Claire, Blue, Donnie Osmond and more... Gary is one talented man indeed :)

Expect new material from the guys in 2006.


You have to be committed to "Reclaim Your Body" there is so much emotional commitment and physical commitment to do so. Embarking on a commitment campaign this month and continuing next month.

So are you ready to “Reclaim Your Body” and make it what it should be?

Do you have the desire to find who you really are?

What is your commitment level to “Reclaiming Your Body”?

Look at pictures of the way you were and the way you are now. Is the person in the mirror the same as the one you remember? If not then you need to “Reclaim Your Body.”

So today “Reclaim Your Body” become who you want to be and make it today’s reality. If you don't like what you have become then it is not to late to become who you really want to be.

Today commit to exercise - training for an event - go to classes at the gym - make lifestyle choices that are positive for this time period, and commit to making you what you really want to be and should be.

Over the month of December and Janauary - through to February 2006 "Reclaim Your Body" is the campain for this Blog site and the Bodybalance Blog Site.

"Reclaim Your Body Today"


The Replacements were created in Melbourne Australia, lead singer for this single is Aaron Monks from Melboure Based group "The Divine." The group is the creation of Paul Brandoli who is the producer/writer of both of their singles.

Check out Aarons bands website at:

They have new forum at:

© 2005 Central Station Australia

1 Original Mix Radio Edit 2 Dust Mix Radio Edit 3 Daybreak Mix 4 Hot Fuss Mix 5 Gothique Knights Mix

They also have had another single called Farytail release last year.

© 2005 Central Station Australia

1. Radio Edit 2. Flexy Remix 3. Original Mix 4. Voltaxx Remix 5. Mike Age Remix

Hopefully they will release a CD early 2006.

Friday, November 25, 2005


I have been recording my weights for Bodypump every class and every session for the last 8 years and have notepads on my weights selections for that time period and still keep my notepad on weights used. I do a simular thing for Bodybalance as well detailing the poses and homework duties that I must do to perfect my Bodybalance.

1 BP 31 Perfect day Indigo
2 BP 31 Young hearts run free Respect feat. Hannah Jones
3 BP 31 Stranded Lutricia McNeal
4 BP 31 Here I go again E-Type
5 BP 31 Girls on film Duran Duran
6 BP 31 Tom's Party T Spoon
7 BP 31 Mysterious times Sash! Feat Tina Cousins
8 BP 31 Can you feel it NYCC
9 BP 31 Baby one more time Britney Spears
10 BP 31 Spente le stelle Emma Shapplin

Back in 1998 - 99 for release 31 my weights for that release.

Warmup - 5 kgs (each side.)
Squats - 15 - 20 kgs (each side.)
Chest - 20 kgs (each side.)
Back 18 kgs (each side.)
Triceps - 5 kgs (each side.) and 5 kgs plate for the end work.
Biceps - 5 kgs >
Lunges - 15 kgs (each side.)
Shoulders 5 kg plates (each side.) and 5 kgs for pure plate isolation work.
Abs (free.)
Cooldown (free.)


Here it is :)

Warmup - 5 kgs (each side.)
Squats - 15 kgs (each side.)
Noticed that I can do the weights I used in the 30's series of Bodypump.
Chest - 18 kgs (each side.)
Back 18 kgs (each side.)
Triceps 5 - 7 kgs (each side.)
Biceps 7 kgs > depending on the track (each side.)
Lunges (Free sometimes.) other times 15 kgs (each side.)
Noticed that I can do the weights I used in the 30's series of Bodypump.
Shoulders 2.5 plates > 5 kg plates (each side.) depending on the track (Bar 5 kgs each side.)
Abs (free.)
Cooldown (free.)

Noticed that this release is a increased weights release as release 55 was a technique min weights release.



Years ago we had track 8's that are 100 % bar work. With pushups mixed in for good fun. Recently we have had plates in all of the track 8's. I guess I am praying one day that we have a 100 % bar track for no 8. It has been so very long since that has happened.

Like Jungle Jim from release 25 1998. Love that track lots because you know you are going to be wasted by the end of the track and you know very well what is coming up at the end of the track. By the end of the track you are wasted.

Anyone done release 25 knows what I mean. Release 26 is a awesome release Wonderwall - Looks whos talking, Backstreet Boys a great release indeed :)


Release 56 brings back something I have not seen in a Bodypump for awhile a track that has no mid section stretch you just go from the begining to the end of the track which is always good.

I like releases like Bodypump 27 which have no rest periods in the whole release. They just seem to bring out the willingness to take it to the next level and above. Would like one day to have a release that has no breaks in any of the tracks and only a break in the sections between the tracks :)

Maybe Mike can do a release like that one day again :)


Got an advanced copy of the CD Single. (Insert Shhhhhhh here.) now looking sideways.The single CD won't officially be released till Monday 28th Nov 2005.

Just love the single heaps cannot wait for the official CD out December 11th 2005.

I might have a copy of that in advance(insert more shhhhhhhh.)

Check it out please :)


Not that anyone noticed :P the forum is back on line *p* :) join up guys and get this little puppy going :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005


© 2005 Sony/BMG Australia

Kate won Australian Idol 2005. Her site is up and running at:

Her first single "Maybe Tonight" will be out 27th Sep 2005. Her CD should be out Mid-December 2005.

You can hear an audio at her site. Side B is Ironic "Live" from Austrlalian Idol.

Kate al has a forum at:

Get ready "Kate DeAraugo" is gonna take the world by storm in 2006 :)


The forum hosts are having technical issues the forum attached to this site will be back on line soon.


Short and sweet if you love Jody Watley then she has a remix of "Looking for a New Love 05" a totally wicked track :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


© 2005 Les Mills International

Anyone know who the guy on the front cover of Bodypump 56 could you please tell me:)


Well to start with timing of track 8 in Bodypump 56.

If you have not done release 56 and track 8 "I like the Way You Move" it is a tricky track to time.

Spend tons of time watching the DVD and looking at Mike teaching it and do it along with Mike because thats the only way one can ever learn that track. If you don' watch Mike and get to know the timing that way :) you may miss tons of timing cues Mike does.


Hannah Wolff are:

Hannah Wolff - James Cyrus - Johnny Walker - Blake Lennon.

Bio at:

They are lead by Hannah Wolf Striving Toward Harmony is their debut CD.

 ©2004 - 2005 Hannah Wolff


1. In Love With Life 2. Completely 3. Tell Me Something 4. Victim 5. Uninhibited 6. Just Understand 7. Artificially Awake 8. Dismiss This 9. Wake Up 10.Distinguish

Their site contains samples of their music. I adore Hannah Wolf and their music :)

Check out their myspace at:

They have a forum at: it has just started.

Bio at:

Please listen to Hannah's music and get into a new artist who is going to take the world by storm in 2006 :)


Gareth Gates had the bonus track for this release. I must admit I am a Gareth Gates fan from "British Idol" I can say for sure that the bonus track is heaps fun - and no rest periods ask your instructor to do this track :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Kate DeAraugo won Australian Idol.

Congratualtions :)

and Emily Williams was runner up.

I am sure Emily will get a recording contract.

Dan England already has one :)


The poll is back :)

This time question on release 56 :)

Vote away every vote counts :)


As everyone knows release 56 is out and about. Usually there are complaints about the release and people vent about the music - exercises and generally find something they don't like about the release.

For the first time ever, I have herd no complaints about release 56 (insert shock icon here) thats a rare thing with the releases. Usually people find something that they don't like and usually the shelf life of a release is cut down to 4 weeks and mixing begins. Well not this time no one is complaining I guess release 56 is a winner and that it may go down as a classic of the 50's series of Bodypump. :)

Monday, November 21, 2005


Fresh Fox are taking off all across Germany I simply love their music Tonight is their latest release.

Fresh Fox are: Chris van Beorg & Ronny Jentzsch.



01. Tonight 02. Never Say Never 03. From Heaven To Hell 04. Call Me 05. Ballerina Girl (vs. TOM REICHEL) 06. Fly With Me To Wonderland (vs. TOM REICHEL) 07. Moscow Party Girl 08. The Tears Of Love 09. Queen Of The Night (Radio Mix) 10. When The Angels Cry 11. Summertime 12. Sweet Taboo 13. Taxi To Babylon 14. Back To Eternity 15. Tonight (Sexy Mix)

Check out their website for samples of their music :)

Web Site :


If you know "Set You Free" NTrance from release 42 then Kelly can be heard doing lead vocals in that killer Lunge Track :) it can be heard on her CD "All Clubbed Up: Best Of"

Before You leave Me is her latest single. If you get a chance take a look at her site above for more information on her and her awesome music :)


Australian Idol past winners will be on the show tonight Guy Sebastian - Shannon Noll from 2003 and Casey Donovan and Anthony Callea from 2004 as well.

Love the whole idea of the Idol series around the world some awesome music has been discovered.

I have reviewed Guy - Shannon - Casey and Anthony here.


Kate DeAraugo and Emily Williams sang their hearts out on Australian Idol last night.

Kate gave an awesome version of the song they would eventually would release as a solo track next week. Emily the artist from Brisbane also sang her heart out with her version of the track as well.

Tonight the grandfinal. The winner will be announced then.

Kate reminds me of Carrie Underwood. I love the sound of her music :)

Emily has a uniqueness to her voice I love the way she made the track her own.

Remember that your vote does count :)


Looking at the tracklist for Bodypump 56 many of the songs are familiar to most people. I guess that if a song is well known then the end result would be an enjoyable release. I guess using tracks that are familiar to most people has its bonus people are familiar with the tracks. The songs were hits back when they were hits.

Bodypump 55 contained tracks that I never knew existed.

Is having a CD full of music that everyone knows important or having a CD full of music no one knows more important to the participants of the class. I was one of those participants that enjoyed going to class that had lesser known music on the release and getting to know new artists and music. Instructing wise it is good to have familiar tracks that I listened to ages ago in a release. I do however enjoy a release with music I don't know and that adds to the entertainment and enjoyable level of the class.

I love release 56 awesome music lots of past hits in the release. I also enjoy releases like 55 which have a number of artists and music I have never heard of before.

I guess also having an occasional Side-B or a track from a CD by an artist that was not commercially released would be awesome as well.

The above was bought up via a conversation I had with someone on MSN who thinks that release 55 had music they heard in Europe and that was familiar to them, as opposed to release 56 which contained music that he has never heard of before and thought that participants might get some sort of excitement out of this release as there was tracks by Rouge Traders for example that has not been heard where he is from, as opposed to myself where Rouge Traders song has had high rotation here on radio, people in class might be excited about the track up from but in a few weeks might not be so.

I guess what I am getting to is that music is global and that each release has many tracks that are and were hits in certain countries.

Mike must have a hard job selecting music for the releases knowing that some songs were played in high rotation on radio and at clubs and people have been listening to the music for ages as opposed to certain countries where music from the release might never get heard and not in high rotation.

Music is international and I guess that people like a track or a genre of music and that release 55 might have not been everyone's cup of tea. As release 56 might also not be everyone's cup of tea.

It truly is a strange musical world we live in.

kia ora


Saturday, November 19, 2005


Simon used to be apart of rather a sucessful act called "Blue" His solo set was released on the 14th Nov 2005 called "Sanctury" - "Lay Down Your Hands" is the first single from that set. The ladies think that he is totally hot. If you can remeber the single "All Rise" then his work will be known by everyone.

© 2005 Sanctuary Records

Track Listings:

1. Lay Your Hands 2. No Worries 3. After All This Time 4. Little High 5. Time Of Your Life 6. Unjustified 7. Free 8. Ashamed 9. Only Love 10. All I Want 11. Star12. Sanctuary.

Lay Your Hands is an awesome song from the CD. The CD is packed full of future hits :) After all this time is a cool song from the CD. Free is also an awesome song as well. No Worries is the second release from the CD.

Simon's music is going to rock the rest of the year and into 2006.

Simon also has a forum at: everyone has a forum these days :)


Юлия Савичева (Yulia Savicheva)

Julia Savicheva was born to a musical family on St.Valentine’s Day 1987 in a small Russian town Kurgan, near the Ural mountains.

© 2005

She was this last years enterant into the Eurovision song contest the CD is pure Russian and her music is awesome. Stop is the initial release from the CD. There is a sample from the CD at her website for listening to.

I loved her music from last year on the Eurovision Contest and she is one talented singer :)


1. Vysoko (High) 2. Korabli (Ships) 3. Otpusti menia (Let Me Go) 4. Stop 5. Proschay, moya lubov (Goodbye, My Love) 6. Poka (Bye) 7. Vsyo dlya tebya (All For You) 8. Bezhat’, letet’(To Run, To Fly) 9. Prosti za lubov (Sorry For Love) 10. Ya s toboy (I’m With You) 11. Believe Me

Her music is in Russian I think language skips boundaries and that music is diverse and not only in English :)

If you get the chance check her music out :)

Friday, November 18, 2005


These tracks from release 56 are outstanding:

Gonna Make You Sweat C & C Music factory.
Wonderful Life Tina Cousins
I like the Way Bodyrockers.

In saying this I like the Way is one of the most difficult to time tracks you simply get swept up in the music and before you know it the track is over - out of here.

The whole release is awesome but those tracks above are standouts from the release. They are high performance tracks which motivate people to exercise more.

For the life of me I cannot remember suggesting a few years back Gonna Make You Sweat on the Song Suggestion site. I think I did. I also requested Givin it to You as well, as said I can't remember suggesting that track I am sure I did I think. It was such a long time ago. Tons of tracks under the bridge since then. I can remember BP 48 Bring me to life Evenescense - BP 46 I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Jackie 'O' - BP 45 Ganbareh Sash! - BP 48 Get Me Some Mercury 4 and a few others as well. I suggested BP 48 I belive Sash! but that was already on the release when I suggested it and not knowing it was on release 48.



Been training for this for a long time I am abseiling for the very first time should be an awesome day :)

I have done indoor rock climbing.

Will let everyone know how it turns out :)


For those who don't have release 56 yet won't say much about the track the track is one of the most (insert silence) tracks I have ever heard. I heard the track in 2003 and watched the video back then and still (insert silence) don't know what to make of the track.

I like the track I have no idea why? it is a ripper track 5.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Image hosted by

I have dedcided to do a classic Bodypump Series review :) the releases in 1996 - 1997 were some of the best pumps ever released.

Here is Bodypump 21:

Had the pleasure of doing this release as a participant many years ago. When Les Mills was Les Mills Aerobics and Les Mills Bodypump was Pump. I have the pleasure of owning release 21 and it is one of my treasured Bodypump releases. The video was presented by Michael and Emma Barry.

Where do you begin. One of Us and All Night Long kick off this release. I love the ones in the Best of Bodypump release 48 but there is nothing like the originals to me. I love the choreogrpahy Michael did on those tracks. Track 2 is one of the toughest track 2's ever.

Rebel Rebel is outstanding a real fast chest track and a really killer there is no break ever in this track I love chest tracks with no breaks and this one was a cracker.

Chisel come to Bodypump with Lay Down Your Guns there is no break in this track you rack up the weights "Get tough and get going" and just go crazy with the C & P.

Manrock presents track 5 outstanding track one of the most complicated track 5's to learn. There is so much going on in this track and the dips at the end are a killer to the triceps - if you think 55 was a pain then 21 is 10 times a burn on the shoulders.

Billy Ocean was a bonus track on one of the 40's series of Bodypump - this one has no breaks at all you simply pick up the weights and don't stop till the end of the track. I like track 6's like this the current one in release 56 :)

What can one say about Pride the longest lunge track in Bodypump ever I like long tracks in Bodypump the longer the better. It has the classic ending that we had back then in all track 7's and continued in the 30's series.

Do It was re-released as bonust track. I loved the original by the end of the track shoulder burns ensure and it is a killer shoulder - arms tracks. Do it is the hardest track 8's ever.

My Prerogative is classic abs from that time if you have not done abs to Bobby Brown then you have not done abs.

And Native New Yorker ends the class. Out of most of the 20's series this is a "Broadway" cooldown. We have never had a "Broadway" cooldown. The track reminds me of a broadway show.

Just love release 21 lots if you have an chance to do release 21 please do it. It is a classic Bodypump and one of my favorites of all time ever :)

Track List:

1 BP 21 One of Us Wild Side
2 BP 21 All Night Long Lionel Richie
3 BP 21 Rebel Rebel International Chrysis
4 BP 21 Lay Down your Guns Cold Chizle
5 BP 21 I think I wanna Rock Manrock
6 BP 21 Get out of My Dream Billy Ocean
7 BP 21 Pride Jonah
8 BP 21 Do It Yello
9 BP 21 My Prerogative Bobby Brown
10 BP 21 Native New Yorker Odyssey

Thanks for this release and one of the best releases ever. IMO :)


A double century here for postings in this blogger site.

Bring on the next 200 :)

kia ora



Help rebuIld New Orleans at the 2005 Voodoo Music Festival and that was the aim of the show.

Huge List of Acts including Nine Inch Nails - Queens of the Stoneage and more.

It was on the 29th October 2005. for additional information.

If you were in the New Orleans area and supported the rebuilding concert of the year and an awesome concert was ensured for all :)

Caution: The CD is Explicit Adult Content Advisory

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I love Expose and their music I still have all their singles on 7" Expose were Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado, & Gioia Bruno. Gioa has had 3 CD's so far and her latest one was released this year 2005.

Check her web site awesome music :) and her profile at:

Check her CD Expose This

1. Be Mine 2. I Was Made For Loving You 3. Happy 4. Incredible 5. Every Little Thing 6. Barely Breathing 7. Addicted 8. I Can Feel You 9. Again And Again 10. Just Another Day 11. Going going Gone 12. I Need You 13. Until The End Of Time 14. Be Mine

It is an awesome CD by one of the best performers of our time. If you loved her work in Expose then this CD is a must for all Expose fans.

For thos who want a refresh on Expose:

and for more information on GIOIA :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Man that's all I can say. The weights he is lifting in track 2 awesome. The dude reminds me of Arnie "The Terminator" you simply have to do what Luis tells you to do and ask no questions about it.

He said that track 2 of release 56 was the hardest track 2 he has ever done.

These are mine Hammer to the Heart is brutal and The haka from release 32 are outstanding.

2 BP 24 Small Town Boys Bronski Beat
2 BP 25 I heard it through the Grapevine Soultrans
2 BP 27 La Copa de la Vida (Cup of Life) Ricky Martin
2 BP 30 Eighteen strings Tinman
2 BP 35 Hammer to the heart The Tamperer feat Maya
2 BP 36 The Race Captain Jack
2 BP 38 Baker Street DJ Octopus
2 BP 40 Now we are free Dreamgate
2 BP 41 Send me an angle Mythos N DJ Cosmo
2 BP 42 I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro) Donna Summer

Are my toughest track 2's ever.

Luis looks like a no nonsense Bopdypump Instructor which is my type of Bodypump Instructor would love to team teach with him :)



Bodypump has a new Logo once I get a copy of the logo I will preview it here.


On the cover of Bodypump 56 please?


I learn the lyrics to each and every song that is in every bodypump ever made that I have.

I can literally sing every song from every release. Much the same with Bodybalance as well. I have a photographic memory for music and lyrics. I cannot listen to a track for say 10 - 15 years and put the track on and know the lyrics and the music as if I learned it yesterday. I guess I am like that with playing music as well I can hear a song and play the music almost after I have heard the song for the first time.


Love track 1 on BP 56 heaps a nice sing along :)

Was wondering what people like by looking at the tracklists for no 1's females outplay men in the warm-up tracks in the 50's we have only has one BP 54 track 1. Previous to that was 1 BP 44 If Tomorrow Never Comes Ronan Keating. Before that was 1 BP 38 Angel Lionel Ritchie.

So what do you like?

Monday, November 14, 2005


© 2004 Universal Rock

Apocalyptica released a CD earlier this year called Apocalyptica.

Apocalyptica are Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lotjonen, Perttu Kivilaakso they formed in 1996, they are a gothic - rock group much like Metalica. They have released more than 8 CD's in their career. Earlier this year the tri released their latest offering Apocalyptica which featured Life Burns - How Far - Wie Welt it is an awesome CD full of rich gothic tones.

Their music has influnces from Cellos which are a center piece of their music.

Not to many people know the music of Apocalyptica so I decided to put them up here.


01. Life Burns 02. Quutamo 03. Distraction 04. Bittersweet 05. Misconstruction 06. Fisheye 07. Farewell 08. Fatal Error 09. Betrayal/Forgiveness 10. Ruska 11. Deathzone 12. En Vie

They are an awesome group their music is a dark tapestry of musical undertones. I advise listener discretion when going to their website. Some of their music is really dark. If you like Within Temptation then this group is well worth listening to.

I simply love their music.

Visit the guys URL above and listen to their gear :)


The 50's series of Pump is awesome I guess I am a huge fan of this series. The music for one thing is outstanding. One thing that gets to me is the driving beats of the music in certain tracks like track 2 of release 52. The sing-along aspects of a release make it special and when you simply don't want the track to end and want to go on for ever. Like "On a Night Like This" from release 37 (Lunges.) I love that track and wanted it to go on and on.

The above mix is like that I guess. What I look for in a good mix is the variety of exercises and up and lifting music. I guess the enjoyment value of what each release is like as well.

Each release teaches me a lesson about Bodypump and look for that from each release.

Bodypump 50 - Lets Exercise.
Bodypump 51 - Lets get our technique right
Bodypump 52 - Lets look at our weights.
Bodypump 53 - Lets have fun and just exercise and train and work on technique.
Bodypump 54 - Lets have fun and work out
Bodypump 55 - Lets see what you know about Bodypump and "When the Tough Get Going the Going Get Tough"
Bodypump 56 - Lets party and celebrate.

Wonders what Bodypump 57 is going to teach me?


I have a new Best of 50's series with additions from release 56 now :)

01 BP 50 Scream for More Kate Ryan (Classic Bodypump)
02 BP 52 Overload V / Voodoo & Serano & BP 56 Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders
03 BP 51 Pump It Up Danzel & BP 56 She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
04 BP 50 Slave to the Music Nick Skitz
05 BP 55 California - C.O. Club Oriented & BP 53 Don't Panic Lasgo vrs Cold Play
06 BP 50 Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park & BP 56 Gonna Make You Sweat C & C Music Factory
07 BP 53 Love Comes again DJ Tiesto & BP 56 Wonderful Life Tina Cousins
08 BP 52 War Machine Techno Boy & 8 BP 55 I Get Up - INXS
09 BP 52 Left Outside Alone Anastasia
10 BP 52 "Vedi, Maria" Emma Shapplin

Just love the above tracks. Most of them are Trance Music which is awesome music to Bodypump to.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


13th Nov 2005.

I will so be disapointed if Kate DeAraugo and Emily Williams are not the final 2 in Australian Idol.

Update 14th Nov 2005

Well there is justice Go Kate and Emily for ther very first time ever here an all female "Gandfinal" with two ladies.

Congratulations and man I am so glad Lee was voted out :)

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Happy birthday for today to the ultimate Bodypump and RPM machine in the whole of USA. May you and your dear wife have a wonderful day. I got to know JoeDom a very long time ago and he is one top bloke.

Joe is Bodypump and we all know it :)


Well if you want to sweat then this release is gonna do the trick. I mean I have never sweated so much doing a Bodypump class in my whole life.

This release totally rocks and the exercises that go along with this release are fun as well.

Everyone Dance Now by C & C Music Factory "Feat Freedom Williams" from 6 BP 23 Voice of Freedom Freedom Williams is a crazy song man. I have never had soooo much fun in a track 6 ever.

The track also features Zelma Davis.

Now everybody dance now :)

Great to see Freedom Williams back in Bodypump the last time he was in Bodypump was 1997 that was a long time ago.

Man this is gonna be a wicked release :)


Today I picked up at the 1/4 a classic Bodypump T-Shirt they were having a sale there of the old gear and I managed to get a-hold of the classic BODYPUMP (red on white) T Shirt which I have not seen in ages.

Gonna wear it next week.

For the sum of $5.00 (insert shock icon here!)

Retail Therapy is always good when you get a Bodypump T for $5.00 :)


Did the whole release today.

It was presented by Master Trainer Karen Russell - Dionne and Master Trainer Michelle Bridges.

I stripped back the weights today for this class and worked on technique and raised a sweat like I have never seen before.

I have to watch the DVD and listen to the music to make a final decision. Overall it is a technique - weights release. So expect to load more on the bar for this release. Expect to also work on Technical Execution for release 56.

Personally I love the new music and also the feel of the class - it reminds me of the earlier release.

Highlights - Track 1 reminds me of the 20's series of Bodypump a crusing song to get into the hard work on the release. Overall the music from Release 56 is alot more lighter than Bodypump 55, the terain in release 56 is landscaped with pleasant music and feels like the 40's series of Bodypump. The music on release 56 is well known so many people would be able to sing along to the tunes and familiarity of music is a positive thing in any group fitness class. Vood Child - She Drives Me Crazy - Why - Gonna Make You Sweat - Wonderful Life - I Like the Way - Do you Really Want to Hurt Me - Angels and Spirit in the Sky are well known songs and a real crown pleaser. What makes this release special is the looks of the people in the Master Class and the vocal's that a heard from the Instructors at the Masterclass. The room was lighter and a real sense of fun was around the room. Karen made the air light for the release and having Michelle Bridges on stage taking parts of the class was awesome. I guess when she called my name out in Why was a shocker.

So if you are dying to do a class that has uplifting sing-along tracks then this class is going to make the Summer of 05/06 a real hot and crusy summer.

This is a real feel good release.

Will do a full review like Tami and Craig sometime tomorrow.

Friday, November 11, 2005


12th November Bodypump 56 arrives. Bodypump 55 was a short release we had it for 2 months so I guess it goes down as one of the shortest releases time spans we have had.

Our 1/4 was last last time and by the end of the 1/4 cycle everyone was so anxious to hear Bodypump 55.

So now we have Bodypump 56 and more importantly a whole new set of challenges ahead in this release by what I read on Tami and Craigs Bodypump site.

I guess Bodypump 55 will have a special place in my heart as one of my favorite releases ever in Bodypump history (well since I came to Bodypump.)

Will write up something on Sunday after the 1/4 tomorrow and let everyone know all about the release.

I am doing Bodypump 1 and Bodypump 2 at the end of the day - Bodyjam - Bodybalance - Bodyattack - Bodystep and Bodycombat.

We have Bodypump 56 up front then we do Bodybalance 31 directly afterwards. Have not done that combination in years at a 1/4 workshop.

I should be one sore dude by the end of the day starting at 8:15 and ending at 6:15 tomorrow night.


Category: pop>rap

Sorry their site is not in English:

Not to many people know the music of Nik and Jay outside of Greenland and Denmark well I have :) and now the rest of the Les Mills Bodypump community also knows.

You can read up on Nik and Jay here:

Nik and Jay are a duo act from The Denmark. Yes Denmark I skip countries every few months and listen to music from different parts of the world, this time I am looking at Greenland and noticed their music because I have not seen any acts from Greenland in a long time so decided to catch up on the music scene in Greenland.

Nik and Jay are hot according to the ladies in Greenland and Denmark I love their music if you are into hip hop - rap and beat box then this group is going to appeal to you, their music has parts in English and the rest in their native tounge.

Nik and Jay have had 3 CD's so far they are Nik and Jay - Hot and 2". 2" was released in 2004 via EMI.

(c) 2005 EMI Greenland

Nik and Jay - 2002:

Det Gør Vi - Hot! - Elsker Hende Mere - Ryst Din Røv - Nik & Jay- Tch-Tching - Tag Mig - Tilbage - Gå For Det - Lær Mig At Elske - Freaky - Pige (Er Du Fri I Nat?)

(c) 2004 EMI Greenland

Tracklist 2" - 200:

Pop-Pop - En Dag Tilbage - Baby - Lækker - Når Du Græder - Rock N Rool - Jeg Drømte- Ryst Din Røv Pt.2- Cruise - Strip - Kan Du Høre Hende Synge

Their site:

The guys are hot and an awesome export from Greenland's music charts via Denmark. If you check the above link you can watch their music clips and also see information about Nik and Jay.

Greenland and Denmark have awesome music :) which I am now discovering.


© 2005 Virgin Music UK

Baby Goodbye by Friday Hill is currently 18 on the UK Charts. The group reminds me of Ultra they are also from England. I love the song and the video is awesome shot in Black and White. Running Away track 2 is not a bad track.

They are a beatbox - rap group.

They are Mus - Kenzie and James. This is their first single released in the UK.

Love the single now looking forward to seeing the rest of their gear :)

Click the link above to see their site awesome new music, a review latter :)

There forum is at: check by the dudes block and chat!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Have reviewed all the idols from Australian Idol. I forgot one and that is "Guy Sebastian" he won the initial season one of Australian Idol. His runner up was "Shannon Noll." who was featured on this site in two reviews.

Guy is a 23 year old singer from Adelaide South Australia. He recently was Bachelor No 44 on "Cleo's" Bachelor of the Year 2005. The contest was won by "Ryan Phelan" a reporter from "Sports Tonight" seen on "Network Ten" in Australia. Guy came to Idol from a background in Vocal Coaching and singing in his local church in Adelaide. He was born in Malaysia in 1981. Guy recently has been in Africa on a "Social Response" mission.

He won Australian Idol with his smash No 1 hit "Angles Bought Me Here" from his debut CD entitled "Just as I Am" The CD contains released songs from established artists "What a Wonderful World" - "Louis Armstrong and Princes" "When Doves Cry" from his awarded CD "Purple Rain"

© 2003 Sony BMG Australia

Just as I am:

1. Angels Brought Me Here 2. So I 3. Can You Stand the Rain 4. No One Can Compare (To You) 5. All I Need Is You 6. What a Wonderful World 7. My Beautiful Friend 8. Something Don't Feel Right 9. When Doves Cry 10. Just as I Am 11. 3 Words 12. I 4 U

His followup CD "Beautiful Life" which has more original material on it.

© 2004 Sony BMG Australia

Beautiful Life:

1. Out With My Baby 2. Kryptonite 3. Sweetest Berry 4. Wait 5. Back in the Day 6. I Wish 7. Anthem of Why 8. Story of a Single Man 9. How 10. Forever With You 11. Make Heaven Wait 12. Fiend for You 13. Oh Oh 14. Beautiful Life

Major hits from this CD are - Out with my Baby - Kryptonite - Oh Oh which can be heard at his site linked above. I love the music of Guy Sebastian. If you want to hear the best that Australia has please visit his site and discover the music and world of Guy Sebastian.


Had an idea to open the blog to anyone to post. However posts will be moderated like on the Les Mills main blogger site.

If this sounds like a good idea please make a comment!

50,000 HITS :)

Wow thats awesome :) never thought it would happen (insert shock icon here!)

Thankyou everyone who has visited this place and hope that it was entertaining and had what you were looking for. The music part of the forum (other artists) is awesome to write. I love the music that I place here and the other sites. Hopefully others might like the artists as well.

2 more sleeps till Bodypump 56 which I hear is an awesome release by what Tami and Craig have put in their site.

Thanking you once again. :)

kia ora


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


In a forum in a far distant time in space I asked for Gareth Gates in Bodypump the year was 2003. Well he is here in release 56 of Les Mills most popular weights training program "Bodypump" I wonder if anyone remembers that one?

I am a huge Gareth Gates fan.

Gareth was born 12th Jul 1984 Bradford Yorkshire England.

Gareth is buzy writting material for his new CD out next year. Gareth actually writes his own gear for part of his CD's which is pretty rare these days. Gareth lost in "Pop Idol" to "Will Young" I like Will but Gareth should have won "Pop Idol"

Gareth is also a writter as well he has written two books Talking Point and Right from the Start. If you can get ahold of his books please do so. They are illustrated with lavish pictures and gives us a view of the world of Great Britains successful singer "Gareth Gates."
Gareth first recorded on the "Pop Idol" CD his first solo effort is "What My Heart Wants To Say" Unchained Melody, Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) and Suspicious Minds were standout hits from his CD. His follow-up was "Go Your Own Way" which is a double CD "Day and Night" from that CD we had "Unchained Melody" / "Sunshine" and the currrent song from one of my favorite shows "The Kumars at Number 40" just love the song I love every track on the CD and play it endlessly I love "Say it Isn't So" and "Too Sad for Goodbye" I use that one myself as an Abs track tons of power in that track - pelvic tilts - reverse crunches and hovers and leg enstensions.

I also use Evergreen as a stetch track as well it appears on his CD "Unchained Melody" Australia track 3 on that single CD.

I was so excited to get the CD because you simply could not get his gear here anywhere at that time.

© BMG International

What My Heart Wants to Say

1. Unchained Melody 2. Anyone Of Us 3. Sentimental 4. Suspicous Minds 5. Downtown 6. What My Heart Wants To Say 7. Good Thing 8. Too Serious Too Soon 9. It Ain't Obvious 10. With You All The Time 11. I've Got No Self Control 12. Tell Me One More Time 13. Alive 14. One & Ever Love 15. Walk On By 16. That's When You Know

© BMG International

Go Your Own Way [IMPORT] from Australia.

1.Sunshine 2.Groove With Me 3.Absolutely 4.All Cried Out5.Enough Of Me 6.Go Your Own Way 7.Just Say Yes 8.Club Hoppin' 9.Soul Affection 10.Spirit In The Sky (Ft The Kumars)11.Say It Isn't So 12.Skeletons 13.Listen To My Heart 14.Too Soon To Say Goodbye 15.Lies 16.Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 17.It Happens Everytime 18.Unchained Melody (Bonus Track)19.Unchained Melody (Remix) (Bonus Track)

Unchained Melody is an outstanding single from this CD.

Gareth Gates is one of the most coolest singers I have heard in a long time and love his music. Gareth is an awesome act and an awesome performer.

I look forward to hearing his new CD in 2006 if you can visit his forum and support this great artists music :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Since Tami and Craig have done a preview of Bodypump 56 I suppose I can put mine up now. I have been waiting ages to finally release it :)

The last 1/4 for the year and 40 + 1 tracks later and we have Bodypump 56 for summer 2005 - 2006 and end another year of Bodypump. We began with Bodypump 53, soon it will be Bodypump 60 next year. It seems like just yesterday it was Bodypump 50. Time Flies.

This time the featured artists are DJ Sammy and Tina Cousins.


© 2005 Ministry Of Sound © 2005 Ministry Of Sound

DJ - Sammy first came to Bodypump with release 44 with the massive track 4 Heaven and release 45 with Boys of Summer. This time they come back with another track 4 Why (Featuring Annie Lennox.) who is a crowd pleaser in Bodybalance and was featured on the other Bodybalance site.

DJ - Sammy was born in Spain in 1969 born Samuel Bouriah. His first CD was called "Love is a Game" in 1998 in 2002 he delivered Heaven which gave us three massive hits two of them featured in Bodypump and also one was featured in RPM. This year he released his latest offering The Rise and the first single of the CD is Why a remake of her hit with Dave Allen Stewart from Eurythmics. They named themselves Eurythmics in of all places Wagga Wagga New South Wales they were originally a group called The Tourists. Why went all the way to number seven on the UK charts?

You can watch the video at:

Complete bio found at:

Main Site:


© 2005 Big Records © 2000 Zomba Records

Tina has remade a song that is so very special to me the song is "It's a Wonderful Life" originally recorded by Black. it was released in October 1990. At the same time in the charts hits came from Texas and Alanis Morrisette who dominated the charts at that time. Tina has had two appearance in Bodypump and that was in "Bodypump 31" a classic Bodypump from 1999. Bodypump 31 is an awesome release and that is what drove me to Bodypump back in 1999 I was completely sold with that release and learned all about E-Type. The whole release is awesome from Perfect Day to the Spente Le Stelle by Emma Shapplin. In release 31 she teamed up with Sash to record Mysterious Times which has an awesome set of lunges included.

In release 34 she returned with track 7 Forever Tina Cousins and returned with release 36 with Pray a nice lunge track from that release.

Now it is 2005 and she returns with "Its a Wonderful Life."

Tina was recently in Australia touring with "Australian Idols" Anthony Callea in a number of tour appearances around our country. Who was featured here awhile back. Her current CD is entitled as of 8th October 2005 when this was compiled is "Come to Me" which features 2 mixes of "Wonderfull Life."

© 2005 Les Mills International

© 2005 Les Mills International

Track Number/Track Title/Artist/CD Information

01.I Believe (Give a Little Bit) - Joana Zimmer - My Innermost (Already Reviewed.)
02. Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child Maxi CD Single (Already Reviewed.)
03. She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals - The Finest
04. Why - DJ Sammy - Ministry Of Sound: Clubbers Guide Summer 2005 [CD 2] or The Rise
05. Satisfaction - Benny Benassi - Hypnotica [IMPORT]
06. Gonna Make You Sweat (Steve Anderson & Dakeyne mix) - C& C Music Factory - Greatest Hits
07. Wonderful Life (Dance Version) - Tina Cousins - Mastermind (2005).
08. I Like The Way You Move - Bodyrockers - Now 61 [CD 1] additional source original CD single release.
09. Do you really want to Hurt Me - Blue Lagoon - Club Lagoon
10. Angels - Robbie Williams - Angels

Bonus Track (Christmas Present.)

11. Spirit in the Sky - Gareth Gates - Go Your Own Way (Review Next Week.)


01. Joana Zimmer -
02. Rogue Traders -
03. Fine Young Cannibals -
04. DJ Sammy -
05. Benny Benassi -
06. C& C Music Factory -
07. Tina Cousins -
08. Bodyrockers -
09. Blue Lagoon -
10. Robbie Williams -
11. Gareth Gates -

Formal Notification Notice:

Music charts are copyright Les Mills International™. This site does not promote the usage of the tracklists for any other manner than and educational perspective. Copyright is acknowledged via alt tags over each image and the usage of copyright is governed by their usage in an educational sense. Information supplied is not the viewpoint of Les Mills International™, it is the viewpoint of the author of this work. Feel free to copy the information for personal usage. Materials in this site is restricted meaning that permission must be sought by Les Mills International™ and the owners of this site. Copyright of material is displayed via alt tags and where appropriate URL relocation back to source information is located within the entry of the blogg for tracking purposes.
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Kia ora :) and Enjoy :)

Review Dated 20th August 2005

kia ora :) and Enjoy :)

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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